Chartered Surveyor Reports

Our team of Chartered Surveyors provide a seamless service when reports are required alongside EPCs.

Our Chartered Surveyors produce reports which are a requirement where Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are created to support carbon saving measures in properties.

The reports are obligatory where an EPC is used over and above a Green Deal Advice Report, and are completed to meet the guidelines as set by the Royal Institution of  Chartered Surveyors.

AgilitySurvey's Managing Director, Nick Ainger, is a Chartered Surveyor with over 35 years’ experience in the property field.


A stock condition survey looks at all parts of a building to assess the condition and state of repair and plan for immediate and future works. 

Typical items that will be looked at as part of the survey include roofs, rainwater goods, general structure (internal and external), windows, doors, kitchens, sanitary ware, heating system, electrics, flooring, fencing, walls, paths etc.

For each of the above elements, an assessment is made to estimate the age of the element in question. The age may be determined by considering the type/construction type of the particular element; considering the age of the building itself, and by checking existing records.

An assessment is then made of the current condition of each element. An element is judged to be in 'poor condition' if it is deemed to require full renewal or major repair immediately. If an element is not judged to be currently in poor condition, an assessment is made to determine how quickly the condition is likely to deteriorate to an extent that it would be classed as poor. This estimate constitutes the remaining life of a particular element.


About Chartered Surveyors

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is an international professional body with over 100,000 members. They represent everything professional and ethical in land, property and construction.

Members are known as Chartered Surveyors and are recognised by the designation after their name: MRICS (Member of RICS), FRICS (Fellow of RICS) and AssocRics (Associate of RICS). RICS regulates and promotes the profession; maintains the highest educational and professional standards; protects clients and consumers via a strict code of ethics; and provides impartial advice, analysis and guidance.

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